What Does It Take To Be a Private Chef?

The roles of private chef and commercial chef are very different. A private chef, for example, can determine their own schedule and prices — perks that would excite anyone looking to take their career in a new direction.

Inflation Hits Restaurant Traffic

Earlier this year, we raised the argument that surging food prices could give restaurants an edge because the price gap between dining out and cooking at home had become narrower (Kwok, 2022).

Following Passions into the Kitchen

Zee Moussa, also known as “Zee the Cook,’’ has been an entrepreneurial spirit her whole life. Since the age of 14, Zee has loved working and keeping busy.

Dining With Dogs

In the past few years, it appears that more people have dogs as pets and don’t want to leave them at home when they dine out.
Kimberly Brock Brown

Arriving In The Kitchen

Almost 10 years ago, in my book, “Here I Am!”, I asked the question: Where are all the female and minority chefs?
Chef Highlights

Following Passions into the Kitchen

Zee Moussa, also known as “Zee the Cook,’’ has been an entrepreneurial spirit her whole life. Since the age of 14, Zee has loved working and keeping busy.
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Increase Productivity, Save Money, and Improve Food Safety

You take precautions to manage temperature, but what happens when no one sees the threat coming, and it hits at the worst possible time? You’re probably doing more with less, especially now with the staff shortages that many are facing. While you’re short-staffed, the last thing you need is an emergency. Diverting staff to manage a refrigeration breakdown adds to your workload, generates loss, and negatively impacts morale. The OneEvent® remote refrigeration monitoring system provides rea…
Future for Restaurants Automation

This Hospitality Tech Trend is the Permanent Future for Restaurants

After the not-so-gentle push from COVID-19 and health restrictions, you may have had to come up to speed fast on technology. But the good news is that all those implementations and automations you’ve added in recent months are definitely part and parcel to the future of dining. A recent Lightspeed study found that 50 percent of hospitality operators plan to utilize automation technology in the next two to three years, and 43 percent of study respondents agreed that new tech adoption over …

Simon Lohse

Leading Foodservice Manufacturing with Simon Lohse

We visited with Simon Lohse, Executive Vice President at Rational USA to discuss his plans to help drive the organization through the pandemic and beyond. Hospitality News: What is it that continues to drive you to achieve senior positions in companies that engage you? Simon Lohse: I am motivated by bringing success to an organization. Through effective leadership I love to help people recognize and achieve their potential. Identifying strategic challenges, setting and meeting strategi…
The Power of Healing Through Foodservice

The Power of Healing Through Foodservice

She was one of the experts chosen for an initial workgroup by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to disseminate information about the Nutrition Care Process and Model to other dietetics professionals and support its successful national launch. Dr. McLymont explains that the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) is now widely used in various settings, primarily healthcare. It is a systematic method that dietetics and nutrition professionals use to guide them in improving the quality of nutritio…

Gladys Mouton Di Stefano is At Your Service Party Consulting, LLC

Wanting to immerse herself in the hospitality industry, Gladys scored a position as the Assistant of Food and Beverage with the Hilton International Hotel in Paris, the first Parisian hotel to open after 50 years. Gladys quickly realized that she loved the food and beverage field, and after two years with Hilton, she was selected to move to New York City to continue working with Hilton International. She considers herself very lucky to have gotten this role. “It was phenomenal, what I learne…
The Healing Power of FoodService

The Healing Power of Foodservice

Dr. Veronica McLymont received her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a Master of Science degree in Nutrition from Hunter College, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foods and Nutrition from Brooklyn College. She is a registered and certified dietitian/nutritionist, a certified professional life coach, and a lifestyle and wellness expert. She has taught as an Adjunct Professor in a Master’s Nutrition program at Hunter College, and is a Past…

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