Association for Healthcare Foodservice National Conference – Award Winners

Award winners discuss in their own words what it means to be honored by AHF at the National Conference in Scottsdale, AZ in August.
October 18, 2022
Thomas Thaman

Lifetime Achievement Award

“It was a great honor to receive the 2022 AHF Lifetime Achievement Award. I am very grateful to the nominating committee for selecting me and especially grateful to my employer of 23 years, Eskenazi Health who allowed me to achieve heights I never dreamed possible because our Eskenazi Leaders provided us the autonomy to make creative and innovative decisions to achieve the goals of the organization.

AHF is such a unique organization because its membership consists of both business partners and operators to form a collaborative community. When we built the new Eskenazi Hospital, this partnership was so vital as a resource.  

I did not get this honor by myself. I have been blessed with some incredible mentors throughout my 45-year career who helped shape the leader I became. Mentorship is such an important part in developing a career and we as leaders need to continue to focus on in our own team to help guide and shape those future leaders for our profession. Like our mentors guided us. We owe it to the profession to pass our knowledge on. I loved what I did and again, am truly grateful to those who helped me achieve my goals.”

Eric Eisenberg, AHF President with Future Horizon award recipient Almarie Talavera

Future Horizon Award

“Receiving the AHF Future Horizon Award at the 2022 Conference was a significant milestone in my professional career. AHF has encouraged me to continue to pursue my dreams of being a future leader in the food service industry. I am incredibly grateful for the lifelong connections fostered at the Conference. I am also proud to be a member of AHF, as this organization continues to benefit our hospital and the future of this industry through innovation and education. The biggest honor goes to my fellow team at JPS Health Network since they have enabled me to get this far. I am excited about what is yet to come. Thank you!”

Eric Eisenberg, AHF President with Partnership in Leadership Award recipient Randy Sparrow

Partnership in Leadership Award

“I would like to thank AHF and the Awards Committee for selecting ProHealth Care as the 2022 Partnership in Leadership award winner. This honor is very humbling when you receive an honor by your peers. I am very pleased that the committee recognized the outstanding leadership and support that the Food Service team receives from our Senior Executive Team. I would also like to thank AHF for their continued work they do in developing new programs that helps to keep our members on the cutting edge. Our Food Service management team looks to AHF, fellow operators and Business Partners for resources to help us in continuing to move our operations forward. The networking opportunities are such an invaluable resource and the willingness of members to share experiences and information is outstanding.“

Eric Eisenberg, AHF President with Preseidential Service Award recipient Angela O’Neill, RD

Presidential Service Award

“I was so honored to have been selected by Chef Eric Eisenberg, our AHF President, to receive this special service award this year at our annual conference. Eric and I have known each other since the inception of AHF and worked together on my first committee assignment on the Culinary Competition Committee. Being a part of AHF National and our local NJ chapter for the last 12 years has definitely given me the ability to grow our business, improve our nutrition team and my enhance my leadership skills. Networking with fellow operators and business partners has been invaluable part of being able to get business done every day at our facility. I know who to reach out to when we are searching for products, equipment, technology and anything else that helps us grow and improve our business. Giving my time and expertise to the organization is so small compared to what I get back. I view AHF and its members as one of my family units and giving to family is incredibly essential.”

Philadelphia/South Jersey Board of Directors at the AHF National Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, August of 2022
Left to right: Mary Cooley, Brian Dixson, Joseph Ludwig, Bart Napoli (Business Partner-RC Fine Foods), Dan Pino (Business Partner-FoodSpot), Dennis Brennan, Erik Shunk, Tom Cooley, Susan Kapun, and Shelly Chamberlain Not pictured: Alice Barr, Scott Greenley, Carolyn Tobin, Susan Adams, Stephanie Torres, Lauren Perdulla, Danielle Kronmuller, Kevin Collins

Chapter of the Year Award

“Winning the 2022 Chapter of the Year Award added to an already terrific National AHF Conference in Scottsdale. To be able to accept the award in front of our peers in the industry was amazing. We do want to thank those responsible for the achievements that earned this honor, namely the PSJAHF Board of Directors, our Business Partners and our General Membership. Special thanks go to US Foods Rep Alice Barr for organizing the Business Partner Show at our annual Symposium in March, and our Symposium Chair, Shelley Chamberlain from Good Food, Healthy Hospitals (GFHH).”

— Dennis Brennan

Philadelphia/South Jersey 
Association for Healthcare Foodservice

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