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Why is refrigeration monitoring more important than ever? If you’re responsible for the cold storage of your kitchen’s inventory, you know how important it is to maintain proper temperature.
August 4, 2022

You take precautions to manage temperature, but what happens when no one sees the threat coming, and it hits at the worst possible time? You’re probably doing more with less, especially now with the staff shortages that many are facing. While you’re short-staffed, the last thing you need is an emergency. Diverting staff to manage a refrigeration breakdown adds to your workload, generates loss, and negatively impacts morale.

The OneEvent® remote refrigeration monitoring system provides real-time oversight of temperature inside chilled storage, empowering staff with real-time alerts when the temperature rises or falls beyond pre-set thresholds. Door monitoring allows you to know when inventory is accessed and assures that doors are closed properly. The remote monitoring system typically communicates to the Internet via cellular network or WiFi. Data is then transferred to the cloud for storage, retrieval and analysis.

OneEvent’s® exclusive Thermo Heartbeat™ alerts you, in advance, when a unit needs adjustment or service, thus preventing costly breakdowns and excursions before they occur!

OneEvent® provides automated daily temperature reports and monitors cooler and freezer performance as well as door activations and door open times. With intuitive windows display data, the systems can be customized to provide seamless data exports. Another benefit is eliminating the laborious (and error prone) task of manually taking temperature readings.

Initially, the implementation of smart technology was considered an added benefit to help staff better understand and manage their responsibilities. These benefits, in turn, safeguard refrigerated inventory more efficiently and effectively. But now, it’s undeniable that these technologies are becoming a critical part of day-to-day operations and are necessary to assure vital inventory is protected while effectively managing staffing resources.

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